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Handbooks & Guides

Eat, Play, Create

Sophie Safety and Her Curious Cat

Healthy Kids Camp Handbook

Guide to Surviving This Year’s Healthy Kids Carnival


How safe is your neighborhood for walking and biking?

Bikeability Checklist

Walkability Checklist

Websites we like:

Walking School Bus


For Faith Communities

Is your congregation one where “health happens”?  Let the Healthy Kids Initiative know.  We want stories of how your congregation has made health a priority.

A few ideas…

Designate a service “Healthy Kids Day”

Sign up to provide volunteers for the Rosedale Farmers Market – RFM Group Volunteer Application

Start a community garden

Bike to Church

Makeover community meals!  Check out some of the recipes featured at the Rosedale Farmers Market for seasonal, healthy recipes.


For Parents

Are you concerned about your child’s health?  Join a Healthy Kids Initiative Strategy Team, and make your voice heard.  The Healthy Kids Initiative is working to create a community where its easy for kids and families to be healthy.  Whether you are concerned about the condition of sidewalks in your area, healthy food access, or out of school programs for kids, there is a place for you in the Healthy Kids Initiative.


Healthy Hawks


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